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[Interview] Robs & Duke - Super Owl

Robs & Duke - Super Owl

Entre deux caissons de basses, le duo Robs & Duke est venu nous capturer pour un voyage dans leur univers électronique complexe et savoureux ! Les deux extraterrestres germaniques multiplient les productions, se produisent régulièrement en club et viennent d'intégrer une agence de booking. Nous avons également parlé de l'EP Super Owl qui détonne par son caractère expérimental et très produit. Une belle rencontre avec des types talentueux et super cool !

SUPER OWL by Robs & Duke

Hi guys! Above all, how is formed the duo Robs & Duke?
Hi Tube2ouf! We were classmates and known each other for round ten years now. we were always interested in music and shared our new explored music  with each other. With the age of eighteen (around 2008) we decided to start mixing the music we liked. Soon after that we played in local clubs near our city in south Germany and also set off producing our own music with the motivation to create something new.

Your musical influences are many and complex, can you describe for us?
We love all the electronic music which has its roots in Reggae and Dancehall, for example Moombahton which is based on Reggaeton. With electronic music we try to bring this further and make it more complex. We love this complex style of producing  if you listen to our tracks it feels like listening to an audiobook. You have to listen to the track a couple of times to realise all the elements we have built in and it takes longer to overplay our records ;)

Your music career is already well advanced, two albums, one EP, rewards, what is your greatest satisfaction?
The greatest satisfaction is to satisfy other people with our music. Really, its so cool to see people going nuts when we play our records.

Let’s talk about the new album now! How was "SUPER OWL" created?
We are both studying in the same city and we are really good friends so we hang out together very often. It is a really good compromise to drink a beer and produce some music after a long day in university. That is how the new Album, and all the other producings were created.

How have you worked to achieve this?
To achieve were we are now? Its simply the passion we keep following.

Which song do you prefer on this album? Why?
Mh. We actually asked that question ourself but we couldn’t answer it, we like all of them equally and we find in every track something special. Maybe its Slow Up because it's a great mixure between  beautiful melody and heavy elements. To this track you can either close your eyes and enjoy or go insane and dance your ass off.

The track "Hands Down" reminded us a bit of Felix Cartal "Domo" is this sample?
We didn’t know this track by now but we’ve listened to it and can find similarities in the mainpart but thats coincidence, we haven’t sampled anything.

What are your plans for 2013?
We plan to keep on producing what we like. We are doing some collaborations right now and also have some official releases to come soon. Also, we recently signed to a booking agency and we will do some more gigs around Germany.

What groups are you listening to right now?
We are really looking forward to the Major Lazer album. We love to listen to the artists from our booking agency “Dusted Decks” like Dee Ass, Ostblockschlampen, Breakfastklub etc. too. Well,  of course to all the classics in the Moombahscene like Bro Safari, Jay Fay, ETC ETC, Schlachthofbronx, Dillon Francis, Diplo...

Finally, an anecdote on Robs & Duke?
Paulaner Hefeweizen is the best beer.

Thank you for the interview!


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